The American Privacy Rights Act (APRA):

Prospects for Passage & Impact on Compliance Efforts
Catch up on our latest Insight Session where industry experts delve into The American Privacy Rights Act (APRA) and explore the potential impact on the compliance landscape and personal data processing. 
3 (1)-1

Tune in to hear the conversation on:
  • The American Privacy Rights Act (APRA), which aims to create a unified framework for data privacy in the US, superseding state laws with key elements like data subject rights and enforcement mechanisms.
  • The potential impact of the proposed APRA bill on the compliance landscape for companies, focusing on the Preemption clause and Private Right of Action.
  • The doubts around the APRA bill's passage, highlighting the need for companies to review and adjust their personal data collection practices, raising consumer awareness about how their personal information is processed.

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